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How Do I Become an Official?
1. Which sport are you most familiar with?  Start there. Click on this link get a start on how to become an official in Colorado.

2. Find a mentor.  Ask a friend or family member who officiates to help connect you and mentor you.

3. Reach out to the Directors of Sports at YMCA, Rec Centers, Sports Facilities.  Ask for information on how to get started in their youth sports, and adult rec leagues. Click on this link to get started in Colorado.

4. High School level: Registration requirements vary from state to state, and sport to sport.  You will most likely be required to take/pass a written exam, and attend some sort of sport specific training. Go to your state’s High School Activity Association website and click on the Officials page.  Click on this link to get started in Colorado.

5. Find a rule book, or go online and start studying the rules. Click on this link to purchase a rule book.

6. Check out Elevate Basketball Officiating Camp here:

Questions? Feel free to reach out through the contact form! 
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